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As the Earth continues to warm, Polar Bears face an ever-increasing challenge. Polar Bears depend on ice to travel and find food. These days, Arctic "summers" are longer and polar bears are becoming malnourished or often starve, as they wait for bays and ocean shorelines to freeze. Please respect your environment and be sure to recycle and decrease your energy use whenever possible -- every little bit helps!


Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Includes history, description, distribution, and protection agreements.


Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
Summary of a personal visit to the town known as the "Polar Bear Capitol of the World."


Environmental News Network
Overview of facts on population, range, size, food, and more.


Bering Land Bridge National Preserve
Information on evolution, distribution, life history, relationships with people, and traveling in bear country.


Polar Bears in Alaska
Information on studies and research.


Polar Bears Alive
"Non-profit organization dedicated to the worldwide conservation of the polar bear and its arctic habitat."


PolarBear World
"Established to facilitate a better understanding of the polar bear and to provide valuable insight into the plight of the polar bear."


Tundra Buggy Tours
Information on taking tours to see polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.


Ursus Maritimus
Polar bear overview, trivia, FAQs, pictures, and projects.



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