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Please exercise respect and caution if you choose to swim with manatees -- never approach a manatee. Also please respect manatee speed zones if you operate a boat in their environment. Manatees are slow-moving creatures and when they surface to breathe, they are barely visible to boats...they simply raise their nostrils above the surface to exhale and then inhale. Assume that manatees are in the water and travel slowly to give them enough time to hear your boat and then descend. Manatees have sustained many life-threatening and fatal injuries from boat propellers. Every manatee injury or manatee death is a tremendous threat to this highly endangered species.  


The Brain of the Florida Manatee
Research, description, and pictures of the manatee brain.


Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge
Crystal River, FL
Provides directions to the Crystal River and the Manatee Education Center. Describes the river and its surrounding territory.


Friends of the Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge
Cyrstal River, FL
Highlights the various wildlife of the refuge, including manatee activities by month and season. Depicts regulatory navigation signs that are posted for boaters to be aware of manatees.


Homassa Springs Wildlife Park
Homosassa, Florida
Comprehensive details of the 168-acre park that is inhabited by manatees, black bears, alligators, crocodiles, bobcats, cougars deer, river otters, herons, egrets, flamingos, eagles, hawks, and saltwater and freshwater fish. Manatee section includes fact sheets, photos, links, and an educator's guide.


Manatee World
Ft. Meyers, Florida
Site for the organization that allows visitors to view manatees in their natural habitat during migration. The manatees are attracted to the warm water being discharged from the Florida Power and Light Plant.


Manatee: Website for Manatee Watchers
Includes basic facts about manatee characteristiscs, behavior, and habitat. Features description of manatee refuges, manatee encounters, and manatee encounter laws and regulations.


Save the Manatee Club
Features tips for boaters to keep manatees safe, information on manatee birth and reproduction, manatee news, and details on the Adopt-a-Manatee program.


Selected References on the Sirenia: Dugong, Manatee, Stellar's Sea Cow and Relatives
List of reading references from the Smithsonian Institution.



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